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A man with a vision not just to succeed but also to carry forward the legacy of creating fine jewels, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dhaddha founded Gems Paradise in 1999. His passion, persistence combined with his drive to create extraordinary jewels led him to embark on this exciting journey. His source of inspiration, his father, Late Shri Gyan Chand Dhaddha, helped in transforming his desire to innovate and create.

Hailing from Jaipur, the pivot of culture and jewelry trading, Mr. Rajesh stood up against odds and added numerous unique dimensions to the overly exhausted jewelry culture. He wanted to create a brand name known globally for it’s rare jewels, design and remarkable craftsmanship. He welcomed challenges, respected opinions and grasped on to every opportunity along the way. A true pioneer of first hand success and self-belief, he remains humble, curious, adapting and succeeding in a constantly changing environment.

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