22 Karat Yellow Gold Nine Precious Gems “Navratan” Drop Earring with Multi-Color Enamel Work

22 Karat Yellow Gold Nine Precious Gems “Navratan” Drop Earring with Multi-Color Enamel Work

22 Karat Yellow Gold Nine Precious Gems “Navratan” Drop Earring with Multi-Color Enamel Work

This immaculate antiquated Mughal period hand-crafted Navratan (nine) gems earring is exhilarating. Navratnas of the nine gemstones represent the nine planets on which Indian astrology is based and wearing them together is believed to attract good positive vibes from all planets. The nine gems, namely, ruby, diamond, pearl, yellow sapphire, coral, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, garnet, and emerald, each have a symbolic meaning comprising of happiness, health, wisdom, energy, success, beauty, life, intellect, power, wealth, and marriage. The placing of each gemstone is also emphasized for the right virtues from the nine gems on the earring.

The top part is formed by the uniquely shaped alternatively placed pear and oval cabochon cut eight precious gems are aesthetically held in the solid gold bezel gypsy setting surrounding the bigger center round polki solitaire diamond in a bezel setting. The nine gems together create the sunflower design for this special earring. The outer gold on the earring gallery is covered with a thin line of green enamel work, making them look more dynamic.

The bottom half of the earring is formed by a solitaire south sea pear drop pearl held securely by a gold cap of green enamel. The top and bottom parts are adjoined with a bezel set round Polki diamond adjacent to the top and adjoining the pearl with a round loop for more movement of the pearl when worn.

The back of these meena earrings just like any other royal Mughal pieces, is what differentiates and adds variety to these royal earring pieces. The earring back is fully enameled in green and red meena with floral and leaf engraving through the exposed thin yellow gold outlines with the white enamel covering the back of the earring. This kind of Meena/enamel form is also called “Do Rangi Meena,” of the classic green and red enamel work. It’s a very intricate work by the engraver, as there are no gold outlines and it’s a free-flow of direct meena work on the earring.

The solid 22k gold is purposely used in these enamel/meena pieces, as the meenakari shows the best on gold as it has a natural sheen that sets off the colors of Meenakari beautifully. It also holds the enamel better and adds shine to it. This instrumental concept of Navratan sunflower earring style is an heirloom piece for all occasions.

Details of the piece:
Gross Weight: 17.50 grams
Gold: 10.57 grams
Diamond: 0.70 carats
Color Stones: 24.32 carats

The size of the earrings can be changed.
Certificate of Guarantee will be included.
Video can be provided on request.
Laboratory Certification can be done on request.